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About us

Iran is an ancient and historical country in the world with plenty of natural and mineral resources. Many of Iranian products are not well introduced to people all over the world. Thus, Iranian products are not widely available all over the world unless via several dealers.

Caviar, pistachios, construction stones, rice, carpet, and copper products are among outstanding Iranian products, though it always has been difficult to introduce these products in other countries.

The solution is erani.

erani have solved this problem for dealers and people interested in quality Iranian products.


How does erani Work?

erani is an online selling website in which you can access all natural and mineral Iranian products without intermediation of dealers.


We are continuously recognizing first degree Iranian producers. When these producers are approved, their products are presented on erani Website so that customers all over the world can access all Iranian quality products in farming and other categories very easily without intermediation of dealers.

Price of the products on erani website is up to dare and you can reassure to buy products with highest quality and lowest prices.

How can I make sure of the quality of the products?

erani can easily bring you peace of mind in this regard by means of any of the followings:

  1. Sending a sample of your desired product as soon as possible.
  2. erani invites you to visit Iran, one of the oldest countries in the world and evaluate the quality of the products yourself.

Some of erani benefits:

High-quality and reputable producers: the existing sellers and producers of erani are all assessed and approved by the supervision team of this website in terms of their products’ quality and their production capacity.

The highest quality and lowest price: erani is where you can buy the natural and industrial products, produced in Iran, with highest quality and lowest price form everywhere across the world.

Air and Naval Shipping: after finalizing, your order will be delivered to you either via air or sea shipping.

Comparability of prices: the high number of Iranian producers for each product has provided the comparability of prices for you so that you can make the best choice.

Risk-free purchase: erani is a legal and registered website, therefore you purchase is risk-free and safe.

Sample before final order: after choosing your desired product, you can receive the sample of the chosen product and then buy the product.