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Privacy & Policy

Dear user, please take careful note of the following items for an efficient use of erani apps and services.


Logging into erani website and using one’s user account, incentive plans, erani videos, and other services provided by erani imply the awareness and acceptance of erani terms and conditions. Please take into consideration when a user places an order, it means that they have agreed to erani terms and conditions.


It merits mentions that the terms and conditions mentioned herein replace previous ones.


General Provisions

All erani principles and procedures are in full compliance with the Islamic Republic of Iran laws, Electronic Commerce Law, and Consumer Protection Law; in line with this, the user should obey the relevant laws. In the event of a change in erani terms, conditions, laws, and procedures, the updates will be issued on this page, and you, as the user, agree to accept the changes by using the site continuously.


Definition of Customer/User

A customer or user is a person who places orders for erani services using their user details, previously entered in the registration form.


Considering erani is an online shopping website, according to Electronic Commerce Law, a customer or consumer refers to a person who sets to purchase products and services without any commercial or professional intention.


Definition of Seller and Seller Products Conditions

The products on erani website are either purchased from reputable Iranian producers and supplied by erani or producers in Iran who cooperate with erani selling their products via this online shopping website. Sellers products refer to the latter, and seller is a legal or natural entity who advertises and sells their products via erani. Erani evaluates the credibility of the sellers and asks for the required documents.


  • Sellers are responsible for quality, price, content, terms, and after-sales services.
  • Invoices posted on the website by the sellers shall be sent upon the purchaser’s request.
  • Purchasers may request for an invoice within at most 2 days of order placement and finalization.
  • Seller products one-day delivery means that if a seller product is ordered, the process shall initiate one business day after the order placement on erani.
  • The one business day signifies the preparation and delivery of products to erani warehouse by the sellers. This period may change according to the product category.
  • In case of delay in your order process, you shall be informed of circumstances by email or message to your user account inbox. Erani puts utmost effort to supply your desired product(s) within 24 hours. If not supplied within this period, the orders waiting for supply shall be canceled in your account.
  • Under specific circumstances such as exceptional sales, the order for seller products may be cancelled because the products in question may be out of stock. Erani may stop the sale and new order placement without prior notice.
  • In the event erani offers a discount voucher, the seller products purchase rate shall not be considered, and this kind of discount does not apply to such products.
  • The refund and after-sales services warranty shall be offered only if the purchase is entirely made via erani website and the payment is made into erani’s official bank account.
  • Producers shall advertise their products on the website together with their real photos and specifications and consider competitive prices for them. Producers are bound to present accurate information and photos of their products on erani website. Producers are also bound to check the accounts regularly and respond to customer orders. It should be noted that if a producer does not respond to a customer properly and the customer suffers damages, the producer shall cover the damages without any objections or claims.

The photos and images producers choose for their products must be decent and accurate; however, erani may remove improper images.


Online Communications

When you use erani services, place an order online, make a purchase, or email erani, all these communications proceed electronically. If your request is in conformity with principles and procedures, you agree that erani can respond to your request electronically (via email, SMS, or other electronic services).


Customers enter and confirm email addresses and phone numbers in their accounts, and all the correspondences shall be made through them.


To announce special events, services, and promotions, erani may email or SMS the website members.


Erani may conduct a survey by sending an SMS to some customers or users.


Sending an SMS by numbers except for authorized erani numbers shall be a violation and erani copyright infringement. If your received such a message, please send an email to for legal prosecution.


Customers can find producers contact details in erani website and establish direct connections to them; needless to say that erani bears no responsibility regarding the connections and purchases made not through erani website.


Privacy Policy Enactment

Erani respects the personal information of its users and keeps them safe. Erani undertakes to protect your privacy to the best of its ability, and, in keeping with this, has developed a secure technology for you to use the website safely. As a matter of fact, you will give your approval of this policy once you use erani website.


All the data accessible via erani services such as texts, graphics, logos, icons, images, videos, downloadable and copiable contents, and all erani generated contents are erani’s properties. Only erani is allowed to use and distribute these contents, and any illegal use without express permission of erani shall be prosecuted. In addition, erani services scripts and names and the registered trademarks belong to erani, and any commercial use shall be prosecuted. Users are not allowed to use lists of products, specifications, and prices; they are also forbidden to use erani services, download and copy its contents for commercial purposes, use data mining, robots, or other data collection methods, and all rights are reserved solely for erani. When using erani services, users should treat their accounts and passwords confidential, and they are responsible for the activities done in their accounts. Erani offers products suitable for customers under 18; when a user is younger than 18, they need to make the purchase and the payment under the supervision of their parents or legal guardians.


The website is the only platform authorized for our communication with you. We contact you only by sending mails from addresses mentioned in our website. Erani website has no addresses other than, and no weblogs or accounts on Yahoo Messenger or MSN Messenger; therefore, you are not contacted using these methods. User can contact us via addresses mentioned in Contact Us section.


Order Placement, Process, and Delivery

  • Business days refer to Saturdays to Thursdays except for the public holidays in Iran. Orders placed are processed on the business days and one day after a holiday. Erani allows its customers to place orders 24/7.
  • Orders placed with erani will be in waiting for process by sending proforma invoices by email or to the customer’s account. Erani ensures absolute accuracy and puts utmost effort in delivery of the orders placed. However, when a product is not available, erani may cancel the order and refund the payment, and the customer may replace the products out of stock with those in stock.
  • In case of any difficulty in the final process of the shopping cart, such as a product running out of stock or a customer cancelling the purchase, the paid amount shall be returned to the customer’s account within a week.
  • Erani is entitled to stop the sale and new order placement without prior notice; in this circumstance, all orders placed before placement stoppage are processed and delivered. The right for stopping the sale of all or a part of products, for any reason such as the unavailability of the products, is reserved for erani.
  • In case of errors regarding the price and value of products in USD on erani website, erani may render the order and purchase null and void. Erani shall refund the paid amount in the shortest possible time (a week at most) to the account stated by the customer. Logging into erani website, the customer agrees that they were aware of this and have no objections or claims.
  • When ordering a product, users need to fill out the (purchase) order form correctly and completely. Needless to say that if the form is filled out improperly or partially, the order cannot be tracked and delivered. Therefore, entering an address, email, cellphone number, and phone number means that the customer confirms them, and in the event these details are not entered correctly or completely, erani may ask the customer for supporting details in order to verify the authenticity of information and finalize the order placement. Additionally, the customers may enter another person’s address and phone number as the recipient, and if the product price has already been paid, the recipient needs to show an ID card when the product is delivered.
  • A user account including the full name must match the ID documents. In case of disagreement, the online shopping sites may refrain from offering services to these customers. Therefore, esteemed purchasers are requested to place an order on production of a copy of their national ID cards and using a cash card with details in compliance with those of the orderer.


It deserves mention that this precautionary measure is taken to prevent any potential misuse or purchase by a stolen card.

  • As the order is placed in a system, it is not possible to issue a duplicate invoice or change its details, especially when the invoice is issued in the name of a natural entity; it cannot be changed in the name of a legal entity. Customers are, therefore, requested to pay undivided attention to this while placing an order. The recipient address is included in the invoice, so applicants who request an invoice in the name of a legal entity need to take notice of this while placing an order, because the address mentioned in the invoice cannot be changed whatsoever once the order is processed and confirmed.
  • COD (cash on delivery) is not possible for orders, and it is necessary for the prices to be paid via the internet before delivery.
  • Deliveries cannot be made to public places such as cafés, cybercafés, restaurants, hotels, etc. The recipient address must be accurate.
  • In case of credit purchase (using discount codes or vouchers), once the shopping cart is finalized, it will not be possible to change the cart, change the invoice amount due to purchase cancellation, remove the product, or change its quantity. If the customer wishes any change, the discount code or voucher shall be void and the amount cannot be refunded.
  • It should be noted that adding products (items) to the shopping cart does not mean reserving them, and customers cannot make any claims on them. Before the placement is finalized, any change in the quantity or price of the products shall be applied to the products added to the shopping cart. Therefore, the customers who are willing to purchase exceptional items, especially those which are limited in quantity, are recommended to finalize their orders as soon as possible so as to avoid unavailability or price change. Needless to say that and order is finalized only when the users receive their shopping cart codes; erani shall not be liable for items left in the shopping cart.


Damages during Transportation

Erani tries hard to transport and deliver its products across Iran completely undamaged and unharmed. Considering the standard, secure packaging of erani products, delivery to any transportation/forwarding company by the user shows that the transportation company shall be held responsible for any damages during transportation and delivery, and erani shall not be responsible in this regard whatsoever. In case the customer places their order directly with the producer and sign the final agreements, the delivery shall not be on erani, and the parties to the agreement shall make arrangements for the delivery.


Users’ Opinions

Erani website’s Opinion Section is a place to share purchase experiences of the products and products that are sold. This Opinion Section is different from the opinion section on other social networking websites. In this section, users may share their opinions according to the website terms and conditions, and once the reviewers confirm the opinions, they are posted on the website. If an opinion is shared regardless of the website terms and conditions, it will not be confirmed, and as a result, not posted. Erani bears no responsibility whatsoever regarding the posted opinions. The confirmation of a user opinion does not mean erani agrees to its contents.

Therefore, dear users are requested not base their choices and decisions on the users’ opinion.



Terms and Conditions for Posting an Opinion/a Review

  1. Write your opinion in English and use an English keyboard. Do not use spaces excessively. Avoid discursive writing and do not repeat a word, letter, smiley, or emoji more than needed.
  2. Select a proper title for your opinion and review. A proper title draws the attention of the users to your opinion.
  3. A user review should display the strengths and weaknesses of a product from the personal application and experience of the user. The user needs to list the advantages and disadvantages of the product in the designated place. Please avoid exaggeration in your reviews.
  4. A proper review is one that does not show the advantages or disadvantages only; it realistically juxtaposes the advantages and disadvantages of a product and compares them.
  5. Considering the different levels and prices of the products, it is necessary that a review be conducted in terms of the price of a product and not on an absolute basis.
  6. To respect the time of visitors, it is necessary to leave out the redundant details while writing a review.
  7. Users sending a review are to use polite language and avoid insulting. Any insult or improper word causes the opinion or review not be confirmed.
  8. Opinion sections are different from forums and chatrooms. So, irrelevant topics such as arguments and casual conversations are not confirmed.
  9. All users are entitled to post their opinions on condition of observing the terms and conditions. When you find an opinion unrealistic, biased, or incorrect, you should not address or criticize the user who posted that opinion. Users can only post their opinions and leave the judgement to readers.
  10. Avoid exaggerating the strengths and weaknesses of a product in your opinion. Needless to say that any exaggerated or unrealistic opinion is not confirmed.
  11. Considering the responsibility of the website for the links stated in it, do not state the links of other websites in your opinion. Pay careful attention no to redirect other users to other websites via links, email, or state the name of a certain social networking site.
  12. Only opinions that are confirmed are those related to the products. So, do not raise irrelevant topics.
  13. Users can post their reviews about different parts of erani in the designated parts. Therefore, you should not write any review or criticism about the website and its services in the opinion section.
  14. Please do not write in the opinion section topics you are not certain of. Avoid spreading rumors or misinformation about the products.
  15. Write opinions and reviews that are useful to the visitors. Refrain from sharing any personal matters and irrelevant topics.
  16. Obey the rules of written language and avoid colloquialism. Using proper writing is a prerequisite for an opinion/review confirmation.
  17. Unethical opinions, such as comments on adult products, are not confirmed.


Terms and Conditions for Posting a Question or an Answer

  • Use proper English and keep your question and answer brief.
  • Do not ask a question or provide an answer regarding other shopping centers and do not use their links.
  • Post your question only once and under your desired product.
  • Do not state your personal details, such as emails, phone numbers, and social networking site user names, in the question and answer section.


Keep in mind that your opinion, question, and answer must be about a product, so please contact erani customer center to track or ask a question about your order or after-sales services. Use the designated form in Contact Us page to ask your question and make your request.


Use the same form to submit other requests, suggestions, criticisms, or complaints or email them to



Erani makes every effort to offer its services accurately and uses reliable sources and producing companies in order to generate its content. It should be noted that erani does not guarantee that product descriptions or other contents on the website will be devoid of errors. In the event of disagreement between a product specifications and the description available on erani website, the only solution is to return the product before use. Erani website bears no responsibility for removal of its pages and for broken links. Erani services are offered as seen on the screen, and erani website, under no circumstances, assume responsibility for any delay or malfunction of the website, which might be caused by natural forces, human factors, internet issues, computer and telecommunications equipment failure, etc.


Erani website may offer services that can participate people; these are called collective services and include chatrooms, bulletin boards, and forums for conversation and review, news groups, friend groups, and other services that facilitate your communication with others (on a public scale such as a forum or a personal scale such as a private friend group). You agree to use these collective services only to post, submit, and receive messages relevant to the service you are using.


Ó All Erani Website contents are copyrighted and all rights reserved for Erani.



Erani has no sales or after-sales services agency around the world. All orders and financial transactions are processed in the Head Office. Please report violations to erani PR Office for legal prosecution.


Currently erani accepts and delivers orders via its distributors in the countries it covers. In order to make a purchase, you need to place your order on erani website.


Force Majeure

All terms and conditions herein are applicable under normal circumstances. In the event of unexpected circumstances, erani accepts no responsibility whatsoever.


Erani feels obligated to observe users’ privacy; please report any violation via the communication links provided.