Damavand Mineral water (12 pieces pack) 296 ml

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Leading and founder of Iran’s water bottled industry, Damavand started its activities in 1972 with a French company called Perrier. In 2008 the majority stock of Damavand Company was purchased by the French company, Danone (One of the leading company in food industry) and is managed by Danone since then.

The latest bottled water production lines with the latest technology have entered the factory. Damavand’s 66,000-square-meter plant with a productionbase of 22,000 square meters and a capacity of 66,000 bottles of water per hour, is the largest production unit in Damavand.
The plant with 36,000 bottles per hour Kronos production line and two Seidel production lines with 20,000 and 10,000 bottles per hour capacity, is one of the largest and most modern bottling plants in Iran. Damavand has 10 direct sales warehouse with 80 trucks in top cities of Iran and has 100 distributors all over the country.

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Mineral water


PP bottle 12 item packages

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6 months

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10 Pallets/ per Month






PH: 7.06 Calcium: 50 mg/L Magnesium: 12 mg/L Sodium: 6.8 mg/L Potassium: 0.6 mg/L Nitrate: 1.8 mg/L Sulfate: 14 mg/L Chlorate: 18 mg/L TDS: 210 mg/L

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