Deco eco vincent wooden vase

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  • Min Order:12 pieces



Deco eco is a bio-friendly product design and development studio that has been established with the aim of creating a suitable platform for designing and manufacturing sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Dekuaco products are a combination of simple traditional life tools and modern and creative innovations of today’s world. From traditional Iranian dishes to children made of nature, mixed with creativity and in line with modern educational theories that are designed and made by capable Iranian designers, artists and craftsmen.

To cover these wood products, instead of using harmful industrial polishes, a new generation of vegetable oils is used to maintain the softness, beauty and quality of wood products. These oils, which are sprayed on the wood in 5 layers with different saturation percentages, completely fill the pores of the wood and prevent water from penetrating into the wood texture. This generation of oils has a very high resistance to moisture, fats in sauces and foods, and scratches and can be easily used to serve a variety of salads. The oils used in Decavaco are produced from the most prestigious brands in Austria and Germany and meet all EU health and environmental standards.

This product has been designed and made by Iranian artists and craftsmen in the clean and pollution-free workshops of Deco eco Studio.
The oils used to pay for this product are provided by the best European companies and have a food proximity standard from the European Union.
All materials used in this natural product are reversible to the natural cycle and non-toxic.
The wood used in this product is supplied from forest trees that are cultivated for harvesting and industrial use and have the environmental mark “SFC”.
This product is resistant to any kind of moisture, color and grease of food and you can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher.

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Product type

wooden vase


hard box

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Supply Ability

200 pieces/ per Month



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wood layers





Brand name

Deco eco


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